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Is your child having difficulty with his/her speech, language or literacy development? We are here to help!

Speech Therapy Services for Children & Adults

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  • unclear speech
  • speech delay
  • motor slpeech delay
  • sound substitutions
  • sound  & syllable deletions
  • apraxia
  • inter-dental lsip
  • lateral lisp
  • R sound

Speech Delay

speech therapy

Our speech therapists offer in home therapy for speech delays and articulation difficulties in children residing in Edmonton and Calgary.

A speech, phonological or articulation delay results from difficulties with the accurate production and use of speech sounds.  Such difficulties typically stem from the inaccurate use and or placement of the tongue, lips, jaw, velum, lungs and vocal folds.  A speech or articulation difficulty can manifest in unclear speech which is difficult to understand by others, leading a child to feel frustrated and loose confidence in their ability to communicate verbally.   Certain speech difficulties in toddlers and pre-schoolers are a part of normal development, however by the age of 4, a child is expected to be understandable to an unfamiliar adult.

A Speech-Language Pathologist can help children or adults experiencing difficulties with a speech delay, unclear speech or imprecise articulation by first conducting a speech assessment to identify sound production errors, movement patterns and contributing structural and functional factors with the speech apparatus (tongue, lips, jaw, vocal folds, velum) that may be impacting on accurate and clear speech production.  The therapist will then develop a treatment plan to target specific sounds and sound combinations as well as address any contributing motor or mechanical issues.

Treating a speech or articulation delay is a gradual process that begins with teaching the child how to use their tongue, lips, jaw and voice to produce the error sound accurately at the sound level.  Once the child has achieved the ability to produce a target sound accurately, therapy will focus on teaching how to produce the target sound in all positions of single words, followed by phrases and sentences with the goal of helping the child to generalize targeted sounds to spontaneous conversation.

Our speech therapists try to make speech practice fun and rewarding for children. To facilitate and expedite progress, parent training, homework materials and strategies to help with generalization will also be provided.

For further information about in home speech therapy in Calgary and Edmonton, contact our Care Coordinator at:  587 317 1977


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