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A C C E N T   R E D U C T I O N   T H E R A P Y

accent reduction THERAPY 

Individuals seeking accent reduction or modification to alter their accent do so for a variety of different  reasons.  In some cases, clients seek accent modification through a registered speech language therapist so they can be better understood.  In other cases, it may be because they want to learn how to communicate in a more professional sounding manner in the work place..

Speaking with a strong foreign accent can in some cases result in confusion for the listener.  Accent related speech differences can stem from consonant or vowel sounds that are being articulated differently, consonants, sound sequences or syllables that are being omitted, or consonant and vowel sounds that are being substituted with speech sounds from another language.  Differences in word stress, prosody and intonation are also apparent among people who speak with a different accent.  Our comprehensive accent reduction and modification program addresses all of the aforementioned linguistic features and is individually tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  Our  accent reduction clients come from a variety of language backgrounds including: Cantonese, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish, Urdu, Serbian, Punjabi and French.

Accent reduction therapy starts with an initial assessment where the speech therapist will evaluate an individual's accent to identify accent related speech errors and differences that can be targeted in therapy.  Clients who participate in our accent reduction therapy program will be taught how to use their tongue, lips, vocal cords and jaw to produce the sounds and sound sequences in a manner that more closely approximates Canadian English.  Focus will also be given to word stress, prosody and intonation.

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