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therapy for Reading & Literacy 

"Learning to read is a challenge or 30% of children today".  

Reading recovery programs and traditional tutoring methods are often not very effective in supporting children with reading disabilities or dyslexia.  If a child is not able to read and decode printed material by the end of grade 3, there is a risk that he or she will never catch up and that the learning gap will continue to widen over time.  In many cases, children and students who struggle with reading or a reading disability are perfectly capable of learning to read and spell when the appropriate teaching and treatment approach is applied.

 At Speech Therapists of Calgary, our speech language therapists use research and evidence based multi-sensory and direct instruction programs that have been proven to offer effective intervention and remediation for students with learning disabilities who are struggling with reading and spelling.

Reading to Learn

After the 3rd grade, students are expected to be able to read to learn.  Reading comprehension difficulties frequently occur in students who are good at decoding and spelling and can severely impact upon their ability to read to learn and perform at grade level.  The break down in reading can result from inadequate vocabulary, grammar or syntatical skills to organize and interpret written text effectively, poor self monitoring, and reduced working memory resulting in difficulties with retaining information long enough to be adequately processed and difficulty with higher order thinking.  

Speech Therapists of Calgary offer effective reading intervention programs that target the requisite skills to promote improved reading comprehension and information retention.   

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