Assessment & Individualized Treatment at Your Home, School & Day Care

Is your child having difficulty with his/her speech, language or literacy development? We are here to help!

About Us

​​Care Coordinator:

Katherine Meeks, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, ECE

Speech-Language Pathologists:

Andrea Baxter-Cortes, Speech-Language Pathologist, R.SLP

​Saira Damani. Speech-Language Pathologist, R.SLP

​Karen Mayner, Speech-Language Pathologist, R.SLP

​Lily Ostafychuk, Speech-Language Pathologist, R.SLP

Speech-Language Pathology Assistants

Monika Profita, Speech Language Pathology Assistant, SLPA

​Sachia Sproule, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, SLPA

​Georgeta Olariu, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, SLPA

​Rebecca Fairburn, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, SLPA

Lisa Sherwood, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, SLPA

Krista Repka, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, SLPA

Accounting Department

Eszter Jagica - 

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  • unclear speech
  • reading & literacy
  • language delays and disorders
  • social communication
  • stuttering
  • voice disorders
  • aphasia / brain injury
  • neurologically based speech impairments
  • accent modification / ​corporate communication

About Us

We offer in home assessment and speech therapy services for children and adults in the comfort of their home in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding regions.  ​Our Speech Therapists provide high quality professional speech-language services to all clients in an individualized and family centered manner.  Individualized assessment and therapy services are available to address a variety of concerns including:

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